T H E F A C T O R Y  is a new brand, launched by a 25+yr old apparel manufacturer, built around delivering optimal value to customers.

Customers intuitively care the most about their purchase, that is why at the heart of this brand is efficient transformation between purchase price and how much of that actually goes into making the product better.

That is why we named it T H E F A C T O R Y. We though what better way than a direct-channel with the source to communicate value with the least possible losses on the way.

With a focus on apparel essentials, we decided that now is the time to utilize technology to disrupt the norm. We believe in our On-Line channels to be the medium for delivering a value product that bears 0% retail expenses and focuses solely on customer satisfaction.

#  S H O P  E S S E N T I A L S
#  S   H   O   P  V   A   L   U   E
# S H O P T H E F A C T O R Y